Where to next?

The Quality Adventist Schools Framework (QASF) provides all Adventist schools in Australia with a robust structure for improving the teaching and learning culture, maintaining a strong Adventist identity, and complying with the Australian government national school improvement agenda. In doing so, we improve outcomes for students and their families. 

The QASF provides a focus for us to critically examine our programs and practices. This will enable us to:

  • Achieve excellence
  • Continually improve
  • Focus on fundamentals 
  • Remain united as a system
  • Prepare for the future

Where to after Ipswich Adventist School?

Brisbane Adventist College, located in Wishart (Brisbane), is also part of the system of Adventist schools utilising the QASF. We share a common Christian ethos and professional learning community. 

Once students have graduated from Ipswich Adventist School, many progress to Secondary schooling at Brisbane Adventist College. In order to make high school transition as easy as possible, students are introduced to BAC in their final year at IAS, touring the grounds and classrooms and sharing activities with teachers and other Year 6 students who will potentially become their classmates. 

PLEASE NOTE: A BAC bus service transports secondary students safely between Brisbane and the Ipswich region.


The Spirit of Ipswich Adventist School

A fine education is about much more than producing leaders and responsible citizens, and helping young people master important skill sets. It is also about identifying what kind of person they want to become. Ipswich Adventist School specialises in building character.
We help young people become people of character.