BUS FEES: Bus fees are charged on a radius distance from the school, not actual distance. Prices below are for 5 days a week, and cover am and pm.


1 child
per term

2 children
per term

3 or more children
per term

A up to 5 km $220.00 $407.00 $583.00
B up to 15 km $231.00 $429.00 $616.00
C up to 25 km $242.00 $451.00 $649.00
D over 25km $253.00 $473.00 $693.00

BUS COORDINATOR: Mrs Rebecca Johnson ph: 0421 898 356 or (07) 3201 6233

The Spirit of Ipswich Adventist School

A fine education is about much more than producing leaders and responsible citizens, and helping young people master important skill sets. It is also about identifying what kind of person they want to become. Ipswich Adventist School specialises in building character.
We help young people become people of character.