Mother's Day
May 31, 2018

Thank you to all our IAS families for supporting the Mother’s Day Stall earlier this month.  We have been able to spoil our IAS mothers with some lovely gifts to make them feel loved and appreciated.  We have also been able to support our wider co


ANZAC Day Dawn Service
May 03, 2018

A slight drizzle did not deter members of the community gathering at the IAS Memorial Stone to honour and remember the brave World War 1 men and women during the ANZAC Day Dawn Service.


Fun at Year 4/5 Camp
Feb 14, 2018

Continual noise from 110 students, the extreme heat and not even the wild storm could dampen the excitement and enthusiasm of the Year 4 & 5 students attending school camp on the 14-16th February at Camp Somerset. 


Athletics Day Fun
Jul 31, 2017

Bright blue sky, vivid green grass, yellow or green t-shirts and accessories for Flinders or Oxley – our athletics day was a kaleidoscope of colour and movement.


Around the World in Just One Night
Jul 04, 2017

Our All Around the World Open Night on June 15 was an extravaganza of culture and school values.


SNAPSHOT: Catch up on all the IAS news
May 16, 2017

Wow! We've had an action packed Term 1, and the start of Term 2 has left us a little breathless but extremely grateful. Time sure goes fast when you're having fun...


Brassall Bears Playgroup Now Open
May 16, 2017

Thursdays mornings are filled with fun and learning for the zero to five year olds who attend our new playgroup, Brassall Bears.


The DOs of helping children read better
Mar 10, 2017

‘I can hold up the cup
and the milk and the cake!
I can hold up two books!
and the fish on a rake!
I can hold the toy ship
and the little toy man!
and look!


Let's talk about technology
Feb 22, 2017

Technology. Most of us agree that it can be a useful tool, but after that it’s impossible to reach a consensus.


The Spirit of Ipswich Adventist School

A fine education is about much more than producing leaders and responsible citizens, and helping young people master important skill sets. It is also about identifying what kind of person they want to become. Ipswich Adventist School specialises in building character.
We help young people become people of character.