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Making friends and facing fears at Year 6 camp

Submitted by on Wed 02/08/17 08:09
The excitement and anticipation was barely contained as 16 Ipswich Adventist School Year 6 students left on the bus for a three day class camp on July 12. They were headed to Camp Mapleton in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland with Year 6 teacher Mr Goldstone and school chaplain Mr Lieder.
Upon arrival, they met their Year 6 counterparts from sister schools Darling Downs Christian School and Gold Coast Christian College, 56 students in all. 
Separated into groups, they pushed themselves over the three days with challenging outdoor education activities. These included orienteering, the Giant Swing, flying fox, bush skills, team initiative games, abseiling, swimming and wall climbing. Combined morning and evening worship, State of Origin on Wednesday evening, and team games on Thursday night in the hall capped it off as a memorable camp for all.
“We find that students come back from outdoor education camps with a new perspective,” says Mrs Lieder. “They face their fears, realising that they actually are capable of mustering the courage and endurance it takes when it really counts. They also learn a lot about each other, how to work towards a common goal, and the importance of mateship and encouragement.” 
Arriving home weary but happy, they shared their camp experience with the rest of the school during Prime Time Chapel. Each told us about their favourite activity and listed one life lesson they’d learned from camp. The intense concentration and occasional whispering from the Year 5 group is a good indication of their excitement for next year!
“Our students reflected the Spirit of IAS throughout the camp. We were especially proud of our kids when the Mapleton staff commended them on their outstanding behaviour throughout the camp. Well done everyone!” said chaplain Mr Lieder.

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