IAS Kindy is held in a large, spacious classroom with an enclosed adventure playground outside. It is a happy, play-based learning environment for 4 year olds who are ready for a taste of ‘school’ before their first official year of formal schooling, Prep (compulsory from 2017).

Creative, engaging, emotionally warm and secure, our Kindy program follows the requirements of the Queensland Kindergarten Guidelines. Our program extends and enriches children’s learning, gives them a solid foundation for future schooling and sets them up to become confident and happy learners.

Download Kindy Handbook here.

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Daily Routines 

The children’s daily learning experiences are to support, extend and enrich their interests, needs and development. Children are observed by their teachers in what we call ‘Learning Stories’ that are become part of a progress record for each child.

Our day consists of the following types of activities:

08:45  -  10:00 Inside play
10:00  -  10:15 Transition time
10:15  -  10:45 Worship/group time
10:45  -  11:00 Morning tea
11:00  -  12:00 Outside play
12:30  -  01:00 Lunch
01:00  -  02:00 Rest
02:00  -  02:30 Group time
02:30  -  03:00 Home time


The daily program is flexible and reviewed by staff to meet the needs of the class.

Hours of Operation

Monday to Wednesday (school term only): 8:45am to 2:45pm 



The Spirit of Ipswich Adventist School

A fine education is about much more than producing leaders and responsible citizens, and helping young people master important skill sets. It is also about identifying what kind of person they want to become. Ipswich Adventist School specialises in building character.
We help young people become people of character.