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Fun at Year 4/5 Camp

Submitted by on Wed 14/02/18 08:09

Continual noise from 110 students, the extreme heat and not even the wild storm could dampen the excitement and enthusiasm of the Year 4 & 5 students attending school camp on the 14-16th February at Camp Somerset. 

Joined by our sister schools Gold Coast Christian College and Darling Downs Christian School, there was ample opportunity to have heaps of fun at all the different activities on offer during the camp.  Activities included canoeing, archery, koala climb, pool pontoon, team initiative activities and the low ropes Burma Trail course. Outdoor education has many benefits including building of community and culture, it increases connections between other students and it develops positive associations with others. 

School camp is often the first time students are away from home and it may be their first experience being completely independent and responsible.  Camp is a marvellous forum to develop positive feelings and memories around school and the outdoors.  A big congratulations to all the Year 4 & 5 students for shining the Spirit of IAS at camp, for their courage to try new things and for doing their best.


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