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Brassall Bears Playgroup Now Open

Submitted by on Tue 16/05/17 12:13

Thursdays mornings are filled with fun and learning for the zero to five year olds who attend our new playgroup, Brassall Bears.

From 9:30 to 11am every Thursday (term time only), little Brassall Bears can enjoy 90 minutes chock-a-block with activity! 

In our imaginative play area, which is currently set up as a vet clinic, our Brassall Bears bandage and treat toy animals and put them to bed in their comfy kennels. They can also colour in, solve puzzles, build with blocks, and enjoy different craft activities like bead threading. All of these activities help children synchronise what they see with movements of their hands and fingers, developing fine motor skills. 

While listening to stories and singing songs at carpet time, they develop listening skills, including the ability to concentrate on specific sounds which is so necessary for reading in a few short years. While playing in the sandpit and with the hobby horses, bikes and balls outside, they develop control over larger body movements (gross motor skills) and learn how to share with others.

Brassall Bears Playgroup is also a great place for parents, carers and grandparents to let their guard down because their children are safe, happy and occupied. They enjoy adult conversation for a while, and support and encourage each other. 

Brassall Bears Playgroup is a member of the Playgroup Association of Queensland and is run by IAS staff members Nadia Goltz and Belinda Trow. Parents are invited to bring a piece of fruit for morning tea. 

Find out more on the Brassall Bears Playgroup Facebook page:

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