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Athletics Day Fun

Submitted by on Mon 31/07/17 15:45
Bright blue sky, vivid green grass, yellow or green t-shirts and accessories for Flinders or Oxley – our athletics day was a kaleidoscope of colour and movement.
On July 18 our senior students met Darling Downs’ seniors at O’Quinn Oval in Toowoomba to test themselves in sprints, discus, javelin, shotput and long jump. This was a chance to catch up with friends from the sister school they’d met at class camp and added to the fun, excitement and friendly competition of the day. 
In the meantime, our junior athletes were doing long jump, sprints and special sports on the school oval, including a few IAS favourites like the gumboot toss, sack races, obstacle course and beanbag throw. Parents joined in the fun and games by helping out at sport stations and doing a bit of good natured cheering.
The day was a hit according to students:
Bronte from Prep:  “I liked throwing the boot because it is shiny and it’s not heavy.”
Alou from Year 1:  “My favourite is the running race. You get to run 100m and people came 3rd and 2nd and 5th and 1st.”
Ryan from Year 2: “I liked the obstacle course because you go over these things and then you get to crawl under the tables.”
Lilly from Year 3:  “The gumboot throw was my favourite because the boots are sparkly and really fun to throw.”
Spirit of IAS values were on fine display at both venues, with students practising good sportsmanship whether they won or lost and having fun with friends. 
100m sprint results:
4yr – Myleesha
5yr – Shontae 
6yr – Phoenix 
7yr – Alou
8yr – Kaelan
9yr – Levi,  Stefanie
10yr – Jayden,  Ashleigh
11yr – Gary,  Sheliya
12yr – Christopher,  Kendra
Records broken in the upper Primary field events:
U9 Discus and Long Jump – Mua
U9 Long jump – Levi
U11 Shot Put – Kelly
U12 Discus – Ashlee
U12 Discus – Ashton
U12 Javelin and Long jump – Christopher
U12 Shot Put – Bailey
* Points accumulated throughout the year result in a winning house.

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