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There’s nothing quite as catchy as the excitement of our littlest students when they’re faced with bubble blowing, obstacle courses, all manner of games and art, and tubs full of sticky goop they can sink up to their armpits into! 
On May 24 the whole school celebrated our Kindy to Year 3s because it was once again Under 8s Day. Guests from Brassall Child Care Centre and the ‘little bears’ from our very own Brassall Bears Playgroup joined our four to eight year olds in the messy, noisy, active, adventuresome morning. Older students helped out at stations or led groups of children around to each activity and parent helpers and volunteers were a big part of what made the day a success.
Themed around Alphabet Adventure, Under 8s Day was a chance to learn while having fun and being creative — the best way to learn! At exactly 11 am, after they had worn themselves out, the children sat down to National Simultaneous Storytime. 
National Simultaneous Storytime is designed to give Aussie kids an appreciation of Australian storytellers and promote reading. It was exciting to know that hundreds of thousands of other children were also reading The Cow Tripped Over the Moon by Tony Wilson and Laura Wood at exactly the same time! Last year over 520 000 children at more than 3500 locations around Australia read I Got This Hat simultaneously.

Hey diddle diddle
You all know the riddle
A cow jumps over the moon…

But the moon is very high in the sky! How many attempts will it take before Cow makes her famous high-flying leap? 

A big thank you to all parent helpers, volunteers and senior students. Well done to everyone for showing the Spirit of IAS throughout the day.

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